Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold Damage Remediation Solutions

Mold Damage

SERVPRO of La Jolla offers reliable mold damage remediation solutions. Our highly trained staff is here for you to ensure that your home or business are safe. 

Mold can cause serious problems including health effects if left untreated. Our team will assess the damages and provide detailed information of the steps necessary in order to mitigate the affected areas. 

Please call, SERVPRO of La Jolla, our team of professionals at, 858.270.5234 if you are in need of fire/flood/mold mitigation.

We are here to help 24/7/365!

Mold Infestation

Imagine returning from a vacation and walking into your home looking like this. Time to call SERVPRO La Jolla, where we are highly skilled and trained to treat and remediate any mold growth, large or small. Please contact SERVPRO La Jolla for help. 858.270.5234

Mold Growth Example

Here is an example of visible mold growth. SERVPRO La Jolla's highly skilled technicians are trained to completely remediate any mold problem that you may experience. Please call SERVPRO La Jolla if you are in need. 858.270.5234

Residential Mold Loss

This is an example of what our highly trained staff at SERVPRO La Jolla is trained to remediate. This home unfortunately had a terrible mold infestation. SERVPRO La Jolla is here to help for all mold removal needs! Thanks for allowing us to help! 

Residential Mold Loss

This was the aftermath of storm water entering a house. The homeowner was in the hospital at the time of the flood and did not know their house had been impacted by the storm. SERVPRO of La Jolla completed the entire mold remediation prior to the homeowner being released from the hospital. Thanks so much for allowing SERVPRO La Jolla to help in your time of need!! Call SERVPRO La Jolla for your fire/flood/mold remediation needs. 858.270.5234